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Gamify Shopping

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What makes Styloland Unique?

Discover the perfect fit for your unique style effortlessly in the virtual world with our AI-based personal stylist — Molly. Customers can narrow their search based on all relevant attributes and quickly find the attire they’ve been dreaming of. Immerse in a shopping experience like no other, alone or with friends. Interact with brands, join loyalty programs, and shop with ease – all from a smartphone. The quick checkout option ensures visitors can view and purchase hundreds of brand products without even entering the virtual store!

Immersive Shopping Experience in Virtual World

The fully eCommerce integrated and interactive virtual retail store gives customers a fascinating brand experience online. The virtual platform is a way to increase sales by targeting a broad customer base who love to shop using the technology.

AI based Personal Stylist (Molly)

Meet your best-in-class AI personal stylist, Molly, who helps you with personalized product suggestions in the virtual store. Fill up the onboarding quiz, and Molly will quickly zone in on the products based on your style preferences and personality and the fashion trends. What’s more, shop your products OR create a wishlist of personalized products to buy at a later date.

Say goodbye to tedious searches with Molly’s AI-powered style picks.

Save all your fashion faves in one place with easy access anytime, anywhere.

Stay ahead of the fashion game as Molly alters the recommendations based on the latest fashion trends.

Snap a pic, shop a look with Molly’s expert and personalized product suggestions.

Get personalized styling advice through text or voice interaction with Molly.

Shop with Friends

Invite your remote friends to Styloland and navigate the virtual store platform together to re-create the group experience online. Enjoy the magic of an engaging, intuitive, and interactive virtual shopping experience with your online friends without stepping out of your homes.

Customer Loyalty Program

With every purchase in Styloland, customers will earn loyalty rewards and coupons. But the fun doesn’t end here! Customers can play virtual games like Spin a Wheel, interact with iconic brands, and participate in Styloland events to earn more reward coupons. So, don’t just wait; make your virtual shopping experience exciting and rewarding with Styloland’s customer loyalty program.

Ready to experience the new era of shopping ?

Benefits for Brands

Humanize Digital Retail Experience

Transform the monotonous thumbnail grid, reinvent the eCommerce experience, and create the next-generation online shopping interface with Styloland. Showcase your brand products in immersive virtual stores and attract today’s gaming-native customers with the feature-rich virtual store platform.

Our enterprise-grade platform enables customers to view, browse, and shop for products from the comfort of their homes, allowing the brands to widen their customer base and enhance brand awareness.

Get a virtual space for your brand on our proprietary enterprise-based secure platform that entails all store products, allowing shoppers to browse and purchase products using their digital devices.

Increase the revenue of your business and improve brand visibility by setting up your virtual sales channel that can be accessed by customers virtually.

You envision visual merchandising, and Styloland enables you to interact with Gen-Z users with the digital and immersive 3D format of your inventory and scale traffic.

Just like the real world, brands will get a dedicated space in the virtual world based on secured blockchain architecture on a lease contract.

Customers can enter the virtual store where the free AI-based personal stylist, Molly, will help them choose the attire that matches their style and ongoing fashion trends.

Anyone can step into the most iconic retail stores virtually, view the products in HD 3D, and shop for their favorite products from the comfort of their homes — it’s pretty incredible.

Create digital avatars by altering skin color and attire, and enter the virtual world and shop with our feature-rich platform.

Styloland collaborates with the leading fashion brands, so customers can view and shop premium collections from the premium brands — all using their hand-held devices.

Enter the virtual world, explore the top brands, and enjoy the treasure hunts organized by them to avail the special discount coupons.

Benefits for Consumers

Why Shop Virtually With Styloland ?

Styloland seamlessly blends physical and real worlds in fully integrated virtual stores to enable customers to browse an online rendering of an actual store with fantastical details and delightful experiences.

Request a Free Demo for Your Brand

Envision your business in a virtual world and introduce your customers to the company’s digital retail experience. Expand the business from the brand’s eCommerce website to the virtual store and recreate the online shopping experience with Styloland. Send us your requirements and schedule a free demo with our experts today.

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Advertise in StyloLand

There was a time when people preferred going to physical stores. Soon, physical stores expanded to eCommerce websites. Now, the world has entered into the virtual world. With Styloland, you can tap into the untapped customer base.

Create Immersive Campaigns Showcasing Your Product Images & Videos

Organize Events in Virtual World to Increase the Brand’s Visibility

Target Different Audiences Divided by Ethnicity, Style, and Age but United by Technology

Collaborate With Other Big Brands and Drive Customers to Your Business

Get in touch with our experts to bring your retail store to the forefront of your target audience with a virtual store today.

Drive Sales in Metaverse
Claim Your Position At Styloland Now

Establish a new virtual sales channel to increase virtual visits and boost brand awareness with Styloland virtual store platform. Styloland will capture your eCommerce store inventory in high resolution and create a unique discovery experience for your customers to experience the brand products.

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Frequently asked questions

Styloland functions like a virtual mall powered by cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Brands can leverage the fully virtual store platform and help customers shop with ease using their systems or smartphones.
Users can sign up with Styloland and create their avatar to access the dashboard. If you already have a Styloland account, you can directly fill in the details and log in to explore 100+ virtual retail stores.
Yes. Styloland seamlessly integrates with the brand’s website and offers real-time information to users. Our experts personally look after the inventory as per the brand’s requirements.
Yes. The "connect with friends" option allows you to call your friends in the virtual showroom. You can talk or chat inside the virtual world using the chat and voice interface available on your mobile phone screen.
You can select the payment method from the wallet settings or while purchasing to make payments.
The Artificial Intelligence powered stylist helps shoppers buy items quickly with personalized product suggestions based on their choices and fashion trends.
Virtual stores are for a global audience, whereas traditional stores are for a particular area. Even eCommerce stores only allow users to view products. With Styloland, users can enter the virtual showroom, view the brand collection, and make a purchase.
On the dashboard screen, you can select the help/support option. Styloland customer service experts will reach out to you shortly.
Yes. You can access Styloland on desktop, tablet, and mobile (both Android and iOS apps are available).
Yes! You can view different products and add them to your "favorites" and buy them at a later date.
Styloland is the leading virtual store platform that helps brands create an immersive online shopping experience for their customers. The interface of your virtual retail store can be easily customized to match your brand guide, products, and other essential details.
Absolutely not. On the contrary, our experts will provide you with a free demo that will help you understand how your retail store will look in the virtual world.
Yes. This way, your customers can access all the products, view them in the virtual world, and make purchases.
Yes. Customers can analyze the size, shape, and style of each product in the virtual world before buying.
Every business needs a robust digital presence to grow in the competitive market. Virtual store platforms like Styloland help your customers understand the product before buying. When they're confident while purchasing products, it reduces product returns and boosts sales.
Yes. With younger audiences preferring the visual and interactive format, brands that offer immersive experiences will surely stay ahead.
3D and 2D stores are two types of Styloland. In the 3D type, customers can view products in the three dimensional environment. Meanwhile, 2D map infographics help users see their friends and brands and search for products.
Yes, with a footfall of audiences from multiple territories, Styloland is a great way to showcase your business. Get in touch with Styloland's experts to know how to promote your brand and grow your audience in the virtual environment of Styloland.
Yes. Once we bring your brand to Styloland, our experts will get in touch with you to understand your SKUs.